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Hank Schwartz

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Smokin Joe Frazier

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Hank Schwartz

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Hank Schwartz
Hank & Connie at the Nassau County Art Museum gala

Muhammad Ali - 1971...Muhammad Ali - 1980

Hank Schwartz' real-life story opens and closes with meetings held in the New York City offices of Video Techniques, his company that provided the live satellite broadcast of numerous championship bouts all over the world. Both meetings are with Muhammad Ali soon after he loses fights that are pivotal to his career. The first was several days after he failed to regain the heavyweight title from Joe Frazier in 1971. Hank was the producer of the Madison Square Garden broadcast which laid the groundwork for everything that was to follow. The second meeting took place following Ali's loss to Larry Holmes in 1980 at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas - a fight most people agree never should have taken place. What happened in between is a story better than anything you could invent.
You just can't make this stuff up!
Handing George Foreman an attaché case containing $50,000 cash in an airport urinal, huge mobile television studios vanishing from the Caracas airport with the help of the Venezuelan tax authorities, negotiating a multi-million dollar promotional agreement from behind bars in a London jail, Don King arriving at the fight in Jamaica a part of the entourage of one fighter—the odds-on favorite—and leaving in the entourage of the other—the winner. Wounded knees and slices over the eye, German Shepherds and vodka-soaked Nazis, inadequate roofs and torrential monsoons, blue canvas and unstuck toupees, dancing with the Watusi and midnight duets with piano and sax. And finally, a cold-blooded murder. This is boxing at its absolute best, and the adventure behind these championships is a story every bit as good as what happens in the ring.
Details that have not been revealed before!
The improbable pandemonium that preceded each of the fights discussed in From the Corners of the Ring to the Corners of the Earth: The Adventure Behind the Champions will put championship boxing in a whole new perspective for all but the insiders who were there. Fanatical fans will discover details about these matches that have not been revealed before. Casual observers will be drawn in by the out-sized personalities, the intrigue of the business framework, and the socio-political complications that plagued each of these fights.
The Back-story of the Heyday of the Heavyweight Title
This must-read for any sports fan contains the back-story of the Ali- Mac Foster fight in Tokyo, the Foreman-Frazier fight in Kingston Jamaica, Foreman-Norton in Caracas, Venezuela, Ali-Foreman in Zaire (The Rumble in the Jungle), Ali-Bugner in Kuala Lumpur, and Ali-Frazier in The Philippines (The Thrilla in Manila). Taken together these matches constitute the heyday of the heavyweight title.
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