Hank Schwartz
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Hank Schwartz

Foreword by
Smokin Joe Frazier

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Hank Schwartz

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ISBN: 978-1-61623-359-4
Hardcover, 400 pages
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Smokin Joe Frazier
Ali-Frazier I - The Fight of the Century
Believing in Muhammad Ali
Part 1 - Ali-Foster in Tokyo
Part 2 - Foreman-Frazier in Jamaica
Chapter 2 Meeting at the Sour Sop
Chapter 3 The Jamaican Welcoming Committee
Chapter 4 A View From the Roof
Chapter 5 We Have A Deal
Chapter 6 One in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Chapter 7 An OK From the UK
Chapter 8 The Gang's All Here
Chapter 9 The Stony Hill Hotel
Chapter 10 A Labor Stand-off
Chapter 11 A Tour of the Blue Mountains
Chapter 12 A Night on the Town
Chapter 13 Shot At in the Chevy
Chapter 14 "Down Goes Frazier!"
Part 3 - Foreman-Roman in Japan
Chapter 1 Who the Hell is Don King?
Chapter 2 Benihana's Bentley and Blonds
Chapter 3 A Bro'mance Begins
Chapter 4 A Matter of the Mind
Chapter 5 Watermelon at the Victory Banquet
Chapter 6 Touring Kyoto with Muhammad Ali
Part 4 - Foreman-Norton in CARACAS
Chapter 1 A New Vice President
Chapter 2 Forming Telemedia de Panama
Chapter 3 Signing Norton
Chapter 4 A Briefcase for Foreman
Chapter 5 Bringing the Fight to Caracas
Chapter 6 Ali-Foreman - We Can Do This!
Chapter 7 A Walk in the Parking Lot
Chapter 8 A Stay of Execution
Chapter 9 The Financing Fails
Chapter 10 Achtung! A Trip to Paris
Chapter 11 A Brawl at Barclays
Chapter 12 George in a Funk
Chapter 13 Kneed An Excuse
Chapter 14 Norton Goes Down in 2
Chapter 15 Getting the Hell Out of Caracas
Part 5 - The Rumble on the Ropes - Ali-Foreman in Zaire
Chapter 1 George Gets a Dog, Ali Bolts
Chapter 2 An Architectural Ruin
Chapter 3 THE Rainbow Room Press Party
Chapter 4 No Pro-blem in Kinshasa
Chapter 5 A Meeting in the Slammer
Chapter 6 A Banger Before Bail
Chapter 7 Ali Arrives in Zaire
Chapter 8 Diego Flies in First Class, George is a Pain in the Ass
Chapter 9 Live With Howard Cosell
Chapter 10 Whirlybird Jitters
Chapter 11 Stayin' Alive
Chapter 12 Across the Table From Mobutu
Chapter 13 Don Sells Lemonade, While I Work the Lemons
Chapter 14 Failure Is Not An Option
Chapter 15 The Flip of a Switch at the Weigh-In
Chapter 16 "Just Another Day in the Gym"
Chapter 17 The Rain Comes
Chapter 18 Dancing With the Watusi
Part 6 - The Power Shift - Boxing Becomes King
Chapter 1 A Visit from the Treasury
Chapter 2 Ali Defends His Title
Chapter 3 Hank Defends His Title
Chapter 4 Ali-Bugner in Kuala Lampur
Chapter 5 The Thrilla in Manila
Chapter 6 The Thrilla is Gone
Chapter 7 Stepping on Imaelda's Shoe (she has more)
Part 7 - The Final Round
Chapter 1 Regina v. Henry Schwartz
Chapter 2 Evicted From 30 Rock
Chapter 3 Ali's Last Hurrah
Epilogue These Precious Hands
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